I did it!!

Door: Jolanda Boekhout | 26 juli 2011 | Nog geen reacties >

I did it!! For the first time ever I have entered photos in a photo competition. I never thought I would dare to participate in a photo competition, but it feels so good. It is the international photo competition One Life.

I created ‘Summer Traditions’ and ‘Silhouettes of Summer’ while participating in the e-class Picture Summer by Tracey Clark.

Sterre (Summer Traditions) couldn’t stop eating cherries and didn’t care at all that her face got covered in juice.

I asked Eric (Silhouettes of Summer) to be my model to express my idea of hitchhiking a boat. How lucky I was to find a cruise ship leaving the port.

‘Now There Is No Looking Back’ and ‘Peek a Boo’ were created working with clients.

The two horses loved the snow and gave me plenty of opportunity to create this beauty.

And Monster (Peek A Boo) turned from a hilarious busy bee into a sweet shy little boy.

Feel free to vote for me. Can’t wait till September.

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