A new year | a new project

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It’s a new year, with new promises, and a new project.

Since the last two years I’ve gotten addicted to shooting a photo every day, and sharing it on Instagram. In 2012 I started, and finished, a 365+1 project with shooting with my iPhone. It was hard at first to open up and see the beauty in everyday life. At the end of 2012 it was hard to imagine not shooting a photo every day. I had enjoyed it too much.

On my birthday in November 2012 I got a Polaroid SX-70, the instant-camera from the ’60’s, from my partner. So I wondered. Would a 365 in Polaroid be something for the new year? I stopped thinking and started on January 1 2013, ‘my life in Polaroid’ (#mylifeinpolaroid). But again it was hard to start shooting. With Polaroid you only get one chance at a time. And with only one photo a day that is not a lot. The perfectionist in me wanted that single shot to be good. I started off with lots of failures, so I felt. The last few months of 2013 I finally got the hang of it. The results made me cherish my beautiful SX-70. So 2013 was a challenging year. I managed to finish this great ‘a Polaroid every day’ year. Here you can find all 365 photos.

‘So now, what’s next’. That’s what kept me busy the last week of 2013. Shooting a photo a day of my three cats seemed too easy to me. Wouldn’t it be boring for my followers on Instagram to see a sleeping, chilling, lounging, window gazing cat each day? My three cats are really close to my heart. And, next to creating a funny collection of sleeping, chilling, lounging and window gazing cats, doing a 365 with them would also create a beautiful book of memories. So that’s what it will be this year: a 365 with my cats (#a365withmycats).

Here is where you can follow what my cats have been doing each day so far. Hope it inspires you to start a 365 with your own animals. (Yes, don’t wait till 1 January 2015, you can start each day of the year).

If you like tips and tricks for photographing your pet? At Big Picture Classes I teach a ‘self-paced’ class ‘Pet Photography‘. You can join whenever you like.






Ps If you wonder what happened with my Polaroid SX-70 now that 2013 has ended. I still use it every week in another new project in 2014: a year in Polaroid | 52 weeks in Polaroid (#a52inpolaroid).

Ik daag je uit! – deel 4 (finale)

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Door mijn vakantie op prachtig Sardinie vind je de vierde uitdaging een week later dan gepland. Hier is hij dan!

Na alle inspanningen van de afgelopen drie uitdagingen ben je vast toe aan iets anders. Nu is het tijd voor rust!

Dieren zijn prachtig als ze slapen. Dan kun je alle bijzondere details van je dier zo mooi bestuderen.

Het thema van deze laatste uitdaging is intimiteit (naar binnen gericht). Neem deze week de tijd om je dier eens van dichtbij te bekijken als hij in diepe slaap is.

Details van de uitdaging van deze week zijn weer te lezen op de blog van Big Picture Classes.

Leef je uit! En dank je wel dat je de vier uitdagingen bent aangegaan.

I challenge you! – part 4 (final)

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Due to my holiday in fabulous Sardinia you find the fourth and last challenge a week later than planned. Here it is!

After all the excitement of the past three challenges you must be ready for something different. It is time to be quiet!

Pets are so beautiful when they are asleep. You can take all the time in the world to study every special detail of your sweetheart.

This week’s theme is intimacy (inward). Just watch him or her sleep and shoot what you love.

Details are posted on the Big Picture Classes blog.

Enjoy! And thank you so much for joining me in this challenge series.

Ik daag je uit! – deel 3

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Nu je je dier een keer onbespied hebt gefotografeerd (uitdaging 1) en een keer zijn aandacht hebt vastgehouden en vastgelegd (uitdaging 2), is het tijd om samen gek te doen.

De uitdaging van deze week is om je dier in spel te fotograferen en dan specifiek de gekke gezichten die je dier trekt. Het thema is intimiteit (naar buiten gericht).

Kijk voor de complete uitdaging op de blog van Big Picture Classes.

Geniet van jullie spel!

I challenge you! – part 3

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Now that you have captured your pet without you being noticed (challenge 1) and captured him or her with his attention on you or on an exciting toy (challenge 2), it is time to do crazy.

This weeks’ challenge is to photograph your pet in play and especially the funny faces he or she makes. The theme is intimacy (outward).

Find all the details about this awesome challenge at the Big Picture Classes blog.

Enjoy the game!