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Last November Eric Mahieu and I said goodbye to two of our best friends, Begonia and Poppy. It was a rough time on both of us. Last year we lost two special friends, Jesse and Tom. And in July this year we lost Puk, too soon too. (I still haven’t been able to write about Puk).

Begonia was our little old lady of twenty. I adopted her from a local animal shelter when she was 7 months old. It was love at first sight. And it stayed that way till she left. She surprised me more than once, climbing out of every window possible. Even the door of the frig wasn’t safe for her. In our new house I once had to climb up the ladder in the middle of the night to pick Begonia from the garage after she got scared, unbelievable, and started calling for help. The last few years she slept on my pillow to be as close to me as possible. We truly enjoyed each other’s company.

Poppy didn’t get that old, only seven. Poppy changed so much in the years she was with us. From wild stray cat to purring sweetheart. She showed me how an animal can change when he or she loves someone. So eager to learn and love. Blackie was a great example for her. Poppy became my (Instagram) muse. I wrote her special story on my website, part 1 and part 2, in 2011. (For those who read Poppy’s story: the last year of her life she wanted to be inside with us most of the time, enjoying her warm pillow).

Last year September Poppy became very ill with kidney failure. Fortunately she survived, but with the warning from the vet that she wouldn’t get old. She probably had ‘a few weeks or months’ left to live. The few weeks grew into a lot of months and even into more than a year. The warning got far away. Unfortunately the kidney failure came back in November.

The house feels empty without these two special ladies.

I’m so thankful for Instagram. Instagram gave me, and still does, the chance to document the lives and adventures of our cats.

Like to see more of our cats? Instagram: @jofabi #begoontje, #poppydoppy, #theyoghurtman, #teetje, #apeknapie and #sweetpiet.

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