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“The wisdom of Tinky Isabel. I met that wisdom at a coaching session. It was so hard to do. Not knowing what to do with a horse that didn’t want to put another foot forward made me feel powerless. It felt like ‘dragging a dead horse’. Just like my reality felt. Tinky and Astrid showed me that looking back at the past was ok. That living in the present is more important. Play, feel good, it’s ok to be who you are, be free. That is what Tinky showed me. Tinky’s lesson keeps me busy. Tinky touched my essence and made me feel something that strengthens my self-confidence. It comes with baby steps. I learn more and more to see and accept where the essence of my anger lies. I am allowed to be angry. Isn’t that beautiful?”

‘play, feel good, it’s ok to be who you are’

You must be wondering why I’m writing this.

One of my earlier posts was about meditation with your dog. What I liked about that post is the line about how beautiful it is to let people feel how animals mirror their emotions.

That ‘mirroring’ is something that I feel too in photo shoots with animals.  The connection I feel with animals probably opens a channel that makes that almost every shoot is special. When I feel sad animals always know how to comfort me.

Recently I experienced a touching experience with a horse who loves to connect people with their inner selves. Through mirroring. Tinky Isabel is an Irish Tinker horse who works as a coach, together with her friend Astrid Loriaux, to help people who have a problem or a life question. Or, who do feel good about themselves, but who want to learn more about themselves.

Would you like to know more about Tinky and equine assisted coach Astrid? Astrid wrote a beautiful post about her work as a coach.

“You get a promotion and suddenly you’re supervising a large group of people: nice, but also exciting! Or, your dog gets ill all of a sudden and is euthanized. Or, you and your adolescent daughter only seem to be fighting lately. Or, you don’t really like your job anymore, but you don’t know what you do like. Does this ring a bell? Not really big problems, but they can spoil the fun in life tremendously. So you would like to do something about that.  How great it would be if there is someone out there who can help you with this.

I’m a horse coach (officially: equine assisted coach). My horse and I help healthy people with a problem or life question, who like some help with finding the answer. How? By helping you to find the answer yourself. We believe you already know the answer yourself, hidden deep inside, but you can’t get to it. By doing an activity with Tinky she’ll give you the feedback that you need to become aware of how others interact with you. Being your colleagues, your daughter or your partner. You yourself can digest why you interact that way. Is that what you meant? Does that interaction give you the reaction you liked, or not, and if not, what would or could you do different? In peace you can search new insights and answers and maybe experiment with actions and reactions. In a safe environment you can research what it is you think is important in your job or your relationship and what consequences are involved.  You can work on handling an important loss in order to let it go.

The reactions of horses are pure and direct: they are not bothered by ‘social correct answers’, or hidden agendas. A horse lives in the here and now and reacts to what you show him, consciously or unconsciously. A horse has got nothing to do with the masks we’ve learned to use to protect ourselves to the outside world. He sees you like you are and with that person he interacts in a pure and honest way. The message of every coaching session is: THIS IS YOU. If you want to have anything to do with that person it is up to you.

Astrid Loriaux

Would you like to experience a coaching session with Tinky and Astrid? That is possible. On her website you’ll find all the information you need. (It is in Dutch). Have fun!


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