Stepping with your dog

Door: Jolanda Boekhout | 26 maart 2012 | Nog geen reacties >

The last few weeks it seems that I have only written about cats. Time for something different. Luckily a thing came along that I would love to talk about.

Last week I watched a bit of a TV-show called ‘Coffee time’ with Cesar Millan as a guest. Viewers could email questions, which Cesar would try to answer.

One of those questions was about why dogs always walk far ahead of you when they walk without a leash. A particular simple question that I didn’t know the answer to. Cesar answered that humans are much slower walkers than dogs. That sounded logical. Dogs find all kinds of scents in the air and follow their own nose, and pace.

“Happiest when working”

Knowing this made me think about my brothers husky and the story het told me recently. My brother has lived in Ireland for years and is married to a lovely Irish girl. A few years ago Max joined the couple. Max can’t walk free on his daily rounds. He has got a lot of energy and would take a run if he would get the chance. That can be explained. Huskies, and other sledge dog breeds, are working dogs and they have been used for transportation, hunting and protection by people in the North for centuries. These dogs feel happiest when working.

While visiting my brother’s mother-in-law Max jumped out of the garden and took an enjoyable run. It took some time to catch Max. After miles and miles Max could be caught up with. Thinking back about this ordeal was very funny.

My brother’s story and the viewer’s question for Cesar created a mental leap.

The owner of our local animalshop, Mark Mom, has been a passionate fan of huskies for years. He has got a team of three, Racing Team Yardic, with which he participates in sledge dogs competitions. Because of the lack of snow here Mark uses a cart, instead of a sledge, and a scooter.

The question for Cesar and my brother’s story came together in Mark’s hobby.

I don’t have dogs myself. Two years ago I photographed a scooter for Mark’s website. That is why I know about the existence of stepping with your dog. The idea to adapt your speed to the speed of your dog and at the same time work together sounds so inviting. It would almost make me wish I have a dog of my own. For Max and my brother and sister-in-law stepping could be a delight. I think Max would love it.

Do you think stepping with your dog could be fun? Would you like to know more? Mark has got a website with all the information you need to start. Take a look at ‘Steppen met je hond‘. (Sorry guys, unfortunately this is in Dutch only).

Naturally stepping with your dog isn’t only for people with sledge dogs. With ‘normal’ dogs you can also go stepping.

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