A Gift for you!

Door: Jolanda Boekhout | 7 december 2011 | Reacties (2) >

Yesterday I got inspired and today I got very creative.














The result is a beautiful small gift, especially for you. A cube, with six Jofabi Foto originals, which you can use as a decoration for the Christmas tree. Or, if you don’t have a Christmas tree, you could hang it in a window.

You do have to make the cube yourself however. But don’t be afraid I have made it simple. With a printer, firm (photo) paper, a pair of scissors and some glue you’ll come far.

The cube is even usable as gift-wrapping. (Suggestion: with a small gift card inside for a Jofabi Foto photoshoot? Or a ‘drop’ for the Bosnian Animal Foundation?).

The gift cube with instruction consists of one page and is free downloadable in the webshop.

Have fun fiddling.

Happy Holidays!


2 reacties op “A Gift for you!”

  1. What a cool idea! Thank you for offering it.
    And why didn’t I know you are a pet photographer? Tha is so cool. I’ve thought about doing pet portraits ( I’d rather work with pets than people 😉 Now I will go have a look around here.
    xo maureen

    • admin schreef:

      Hi Maureen! Oh, my, totally missed your comment. So sorry! Thanks you so much for your nice comment. That I am an animal photographer isn’t something that I shout into the world. Maybe I should do it more :-D. Hope you like what you see. Hug. Jolanda

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