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When I started writing my blog three years ago I promised myself to share people, books and play stuff with you that inspire me. In fact I still have a list of my favorites waiting around. Somehow I haven’t been able to keep up the sharing of good stuff.

Yesterday I opened my mail and got pleasantly surprised with an email from Photojojo, a newsletter with an interview with the talented Sharon Montrose.

A few years ago I found Sharon and got awed by her gorgeous work. So reading the interview and recognising much in her answers I thought I needed to share.

Whatever I say about Sharon’s photography isn’t going to do justice. So I think you better have a look at this video from the Etsy store and listen to how she feels about her photography herself.

Reading the interview with Sharon on the Photojojo blog reminded me of some things.

At first I realize I’m way far from where Sharon is with her work. What she creates humbles me.

One thing Sharon mentioned in the interview struck me.  Her many failed attempts to market herself as a pet photographer, before she found her way in what she’s doing now.

After being an animal photographer for seven years I can only agree with the fact that it isn’t possible to earn a living with photographing pets only. As I hoped I could. In the past years I’ve been wondering what’s wrong. Is it me, is it my style of photography or is the quality of my shots? But I know now that it isn’t about those things. On the contrary, I finally feel confident about what I create. And I love the connection I feel with my sweet models. The way they open up to me heals me.

Things never come alone. Two nights ago I had an honest talk with my family. My work came up, things were said and something woke up in me. The fact that my dream of earning a living with animal photography will probably remain a dream.

Reading where my blogpost came from and where it has gone to startles me a little. I always try to be open in what I feel and share on my blog. That’s me. Like my models I’m open and honest. My love for animals and my closeness with them will always be here. So I won’t give up shooting animals. I guess it’s time to broaden my horizon though. There are other plans cooking up, involving my recently discovered love for shooting with vintage Polaroid cameras.

Enjoy Sharon’s story and photography. And remember, whatever happens I’ll always be an animal photographer at heart.



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