Sjakie & Moekie

Door: Jolanda Boekhout | 7 augustus 2013 | Nog geen reacties >

Yesterday I met these two beauties. Sjakie & Moekie. They are two year old brother & sister.

The earlier planned photoshoot was cancelled due to Moekie’s illness a few weeks ago. Her illness brought back memories of our own Poppy. Who got ill with kidney problems. Her life was saved almost two years ago with daily fluids. The fluids and a special diet gave Poppy one extra year with us. Luckily Moekie has recovered fully.

Moekie was full of adventure. Loved to play on the bed trashing the bedcovers and give me her full attention. My experience with calico cats is that they are quite full of character. (Yes, I’ve got a calico friend too, Tara). The difference between sister and brother was noticeable.

But maybe the difference wasn’t entirely based on colors and character. Now Moekie’s brother Sjakie wasn’t feeling too well. The photos show Sjakie’s timid state a bit. It’s always hard to bother a model that isn’t feeling well enough to participate in the shoot. After fluffing a roll of toilet paper together I could capture his beauty.

Hope Sjakie will get well soon.



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