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Door: Jolanda Boekhout | 27 februari 2012 | Nog geen reacties >

As you can imagine I am smitten with animals. Because you are here I think you love animals too and maybe even have got some four-legged friends walking around the house. My interest in animals is wide. From beautiful books, being active in animal rescue to communicating with animals and animal photography.

‘Images of daily life’

What I would like to do, besides sharing my photos, is also share with you what inspires me in the field of photography and in the animal kingdom. That may be a book, a talented animal photographer, but also an interesting website, funny toys and even some assignments to practice on your own pets.

Today I want to share a beautiful photo and an inspiring website: The Dog Blog by RiverDog Prints

Since 2010 I have been present at the playground of Big Picture Classes, an organization that offers inspiring online classes and workshops in photography, scrapbooking, writing, personal wellbeing and mindful living. Till now I have participated in all photography classes taught by Tracey Clark and this month even my own class has gone online, Pet Photography.

The beauty in this way of learning is that you are together with interesting people from all over the world. Through Tracey’s classes I’ve met so many beautiful talented women with a passion for photography and among them some who adore photographing their own pets. One of those women is my friend Kris McNeil.

A photo of Kris’ dog Roscoe has been featured on Angie Allen’s The Dog Blog.  Her photo shows recognizable daily life and is beautiful and inspiring.

A lot of animal photographers shoot in a studio. I work only with animals in their own home because I think that is the place they feel best. Touching photography also involves capturing moments from daily life. Which I don’t encounter much because I’m just in the home for a brief moment. I intensely can enjoy images of daily life from other talented photographers.

The Dog Blog is a pleasure to the eye and absolutely worth following. Every week another gorgeous photo is featured.

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