Endless possibilities!

Door: Jolanda Boekhout | 13 februari 2012 | Nog geen reacties >

A while ago I received a message from Kirsten who lost her beloved cat not so long ago. She hadn’t taken many photos of her cat in the past. The photos she had were taken with her phone and the quality didn’t impress her.

Eric and I have lost our cats Jesse and Tom last year. The first thing I did then was searching in my archives for photos to print and frame. To have something tangible, a photo, helps me to keep the memory alive and keep Jesse and Tom close to my heart.

Kirsten’s message touched me because I felt the sadness she must have felt not having a good photo.

‘What a great new challenge!’

After reading the message I got an idea. Mij fingers got itchy to try it out. What possibilities could I have when uploading the photos from Kirsten to my iPhone? Could I create something special with the ‘unappealing’ photos using some app processing? What a great new challenge!

Ever since I have got my iPhone I am an addict to iPhoneography. I use different apps to process my photos. What I like about shooting with my iPhone and processing the photos is that with almost any photo a wonderful work of art can be created. Well, of course not all.

I processed six photos in several different ways and I succeeded in creating something unique out of what seemed to be ordinary photos. Only five were usable in the end, one photo ended up quite small.

The possibilities with iPhoneography seem to be endless. The only ‘disadvantage’ is that the printable size isn’t too large, maximum size is 20x20cm or even no more than 13x13cm. But think about creating a gallery with four to six of your photos, framed with a passe-partout. That could be quite a sight.

This unique experiment has made me think about something new I can offer, JofabiPhoneography, a creative photo processing with your own photos. A ‘remote photo shoot’ includes an hour of processing with a maximum of five photos, an online photo book with the result, five prints from 13x13cm to 20x20cm (dependable on the size of your original photos) and the digital documents of the processed photos. All of this beauty for only €75,-, including VAT.

This will be a creative joy for me! Need more information? Please call or email me.

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