The story of Poppy (part 1)

Door: Jolanda Boekhout | 13 april 2011 | Nog geen reacties >

The month of April 2011 I am participating in the e-class Picture Spring with Big Picture Classes. Today I received the prompt ‘A whole new point of view’. Seeing Spring through the eyes of a favorite animal.

Our house is full of favorite animals, six cats. The two stray cats in our garden are the best ‘objects’ for this prompt because they are the ones that feel the changing of the season the most.

‘Pigeon point of view’

While sitting at our kitchen table I saw Poppy outside lying down in the fresh grown wild poppy plants trying to hypnotize the pigeon on the food bowl. My heart made a jump because that position was perfect for the prompt of today. I knew however that I would never be able to capture her like that because as soon as she would hear me open the kitchen door she would come running to me.

So I had the idea to go upstairs and try capturing her from above. Looking from the bedroom window down I saw that I had to act quickly. She already changed position. I succeeded to photograph her from pigeon point of view.

Seeing the happiness in Poppy makes me feel happy too.

Thinking back about the years that Poppy is living with us now I feel that I would like to share her story. I will write more about her soon.

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